Tzalaran's favorite hangout, hence it is the name of my blog on the web. Here i'll talk about the writing of "Scales of the Assassin", working title of the start of Tzalaran's saga, and give background information on the world Tzal lives in.

Thursday, March 29, 2012

Back up and running, for how long we can't say

My computer magically recovered from a nasty freezing problem that had put me down for a couple weeks. i had actually booted it up just to find out what my processor was (good thing i checked too, cause it wasn't what i thought), and i was looking on the LAN server (have a P4 1.6 Ghz server that runs a UT2k4 server that the wife, boys and i frag each other on from time to time) for new mobos and i noticed that my rig was booting. i'd totally stripped it clean except for the proc and mobo, so i added a HD and was able to reinstall, and as of now i have all my rig back (haven't set up my tablet yet, and still have some programs to get reinstalled but my program drives were fine) and just lost everything in my documents (had some awesome reference pictures that weren't backed up as well as my resumes and such).

Have been running a game in Tolzar biweekly, and that is starting to heat up. I'd forgotten how difficult a party of 12 is to run, but having 5 knights with lances tends to even odds well in the barbarian tundra. Starting to get a feel for what will challenge them, and the session coming up should provide for much enjoyment.

With playing in this setting, i'm really developing the Tillian state of Tolzar, and the feudal monarchy that governs the state. I've set the players up to be one of the major noble families, and after the excursion into the barbarian tundra to thwart the bear tribe from marching on the other tribes, they'll be dropped into a world of political intrigue and ambition when a demon kills the king (and possibly takes his form, it will kind of depend on if the party figures out who the demon is before them) when their family comes to the capital so the sons of the family can be knighted by the king, and get minor holdings of their own.

their first encounter went very well, and i was able to plant a recurring bad guy in their midst, but they are starting to catch some of the clues that will lead them to finding the demon in time to stop it from taking the place of the king (the king dying is going to set off a scramble for the crown as his heir is going to be assassinated in the upcoming days, and his youngest son is off on a mission to Karat-Si'Zan to try and find allies in the upcoming war.

It has been good for me to look at this from the Tolzar perspective, and i've been running a Friday night game for kids (my two boys, and another couple of friends children who are about that age and interested in playing) set in Karat-Si'Zan. they have had fun running around in the pit, and they got to bust up an opposing crimelords best business last week and had great fun doing so.

i'll get some of the background that i've been working on posted as i get it typed up. right now it is all pencil scribbles and doodles.