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Monday, December 2, 2013

A night with Finntroll, Blackguard, and Metsatoll

Some time ago, a buddy of mine introduced me to the house band at the Horned Devil.  He pulled up this, and my appreciation (read: crazy fandom) for Finntroll was born.  Found out that they were playing December 1st in Lawrence, KS, and was looking forward seeing them live.  so 7 of us set out on a four hour drive, and arrived for the second act, Metsatoll.  (apparently one of the other 2 bands that were supposed to open didn't show up, and the other completed their set before we got in the door).

i'd never heard Metsatoll before, but will be checking out their albums as the show was very entertaining.  Great blend of folk rhythms and chunky metal.  The bassist for Metsatoll is underrated, and the folk instrument specialist was worth seeing.  i particularly liked the different chants they used, and could definitely see them being performed at some of the other taverns in Karat-Si'Zan and Tillia.

BlackGuard was a mixed bag to our group.  Drummer is amazing, guitarists and bassist are good, but the majority of my friends that went didn't like the vocalist.  i have to concede the fact that he's a one trick pony, but he fits with the sound of the band well, and i've never seen a frontman with more energy and unabashed love of what he's doing.  if they come around my hometown, i won't hesitate to go hear them again, but won't be driving hours to do so.

Finntroll came on quickly (time for a smoke and restroom break and that was about it.  have to say that the road crew for these bands is highly efficient and gets things done with a swiftness).  The only disappointment for me was not seeing all 7 members on stage (one member, Trollhorn, doesn't tour at all, and we were told before the encore that Skrymer was unable to make it for legal reasons.  Skrymer is the artist for the band as well, and i was really looking forward to having him sign my Blodsvept inlay card as i love his work).  They also didn't play 'Aldhissla', which is my favorite Finntroll song.  Those are the only negatives.

The tapestry behind the stage was an expansion of some of the Blodsvept album art, and i commented how i'd love to have that hanging in my living room.  Starting with Blodsvept, first and title track of the recent album, i knew this was going to be everything i'd hoped for in the months waiting for the show.  i was supremely impressed by the performance, including the fill in guitarist.  They played all but two or three songs from Blodsvept, and played for well over 90 minutes (started around 10:15 and finished a little before midnight).  They played everything that my friends wanted to hear, and it was nice to hear a band that sounds no different live than on their albums.

Wish that there were more dates on the tour that i could go to.  show was that good.