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Thursday, May 13, 2010

Status update

I don't update this blog often, mostly because i post in my writing diary more often and i never got that feed to work the way i wanted to. So, status update is this.

Finished my revision of SotA tonight. Feels like a great accomplishment, and a month ago i thought i'd never get done. i'm ready to put that aside for a while and start on my next project. Going to leave Scales entirely and do something that i think will be fun to write, and allow me to get out of Tzal's perspective for something to push my writing skills.

Learning to draw is something i've put off forever, and can no longer continue in good conscience. For me to achieve the other goals i have it is mandatory that i learn to draw. i'm going to start with environments of the Horned Devil and city of Karat-Sizan. When i can pull that off with a degree of proficiency i'll move onto the races and characters. going to give myself a goal of 3 years to learn enough to be a competent concept artist (for my purposes, not necessarily something i could get a job at). Just good enough to get my ideas on paper and digital canvasses.

Thanks for reading.

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