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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Karat-Si'Zan mines

Along the southern edge of the city wall, there is a large area east of the Southern Gate that leads to the less permanent areas of the city that has been dug into an extensive mining complex. Here the Tillians of Karat-Si'Zan mine iron, silver, copper along with a few pockets of gold and platinum. The physical area of this mine section covers a quarter of the Hollows, and heavily lashed wooden railings and stairs lead down into the deeper parts of the mine, along with certain areas that have staircases carved into the striped faces.

This area alone matches the mining production of some states in the Tillian Confederacy. Free Tillians work the mine for wages, and there are stockades of shnize slaves that perform the tasks in the mines that require less skill. Two main families run the mines, the profits from the ore allowing them to be amongst the nobility.

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