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Friday, January 6, 2012

Long time no post

There is a reason i haven't posted here in a while. i haven't been writing.

Such a strange job, writing. It can be infinitely satisfying at one time, and just as devastating the next. Very much a project of discipline and determination, where you have to just have an iron coated exterior while still being able to listen to criticism and make yourself better. in that, i failed.

Not one to stay beaten down forever, i came back this project recently. The holes are there for me once again, and i'm no longer thinking about getting published with this novel. i'm writing the book that i want to write, and i don't care if it ends up being a 500,000 word (or longer) epic. i'm still going to study the actual craft of writing and edit as thoroughly as possible, and keep it from being something that is slow at any point, but i need to break away from the thought that this could be a way to make a living. It can only be a project that i enjoy to work on, or else it won't happen.

In that vein, i'm currently brainstorming the setup of the lords and Zultan of the city. The story i will write is the total of Tzalaran's activities in Karat-Si'Zan, and to pull this off i'll have to come up with more of the city's political and criminal organization than i'd worked on before. This has me fairly excited and eager to work on it, and as such i might post here a bit more regularly.

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