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Saturday, December 1, 2012

Day 29 & 30

well, i made it to half my goal, and not quite enough to "win" at Nano.  got to 45,258.

i did much better than a few years ago when i tried Nano, and above everything it got me to the point where i just put words to the page.  I'm getting a solid skeleton, and will have to flesh it out a bunch to where i can take it somewhere (the entire prologue is going to be redone, but i think that i need the non-first person perspective to introduce the character and world).

Dialog is going to be another aspect i have to rework.  just need to make sure that all the other characters sound like them, and not Tzal.

Hoping to keep making progress like i did the last two weeks, but have a bunch more world building to do in order to make the next section flow like the first quarter did.  also need to plot out the flashback sequence i skipped.

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