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Thursday, November 29, 2012

Days 27 & 28

i'm up to 41,500 words.  will have to match what i've been writing each day to reach 50,000, but i'm optimistic that i can do that for the last 2 days.  i'd like to finish my word count tomorrow, but i don't see that happening at the current rate i'm drafting.

have so much work to do on this novel.  need to flesh out characters more and make them each their own voice instead of it all sounding like my main character.  funny how i thought i was so ready to write this and as i draft i come up with all these things that should have been taken care of during my brainstorming phase.  i guess i slacked on that a bit more than i thought.  live and learn i guess.

going to have to finish off my map of the city so that i can figure out all the paths Tzal takes through the city so that i could adjust how the scenes where he's walking through the city turn out.  right now the city is still flat, and i think that spicing up those journeys will help to bring the city to life more than it currently is.

i'm glad that i participated in this to learn what a massive word count deadline is like, but it has been hard.  i've learned a bit about myself and my writing habits by doing this though, and i think that will help me become the writer i want to be.

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