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Thursday, November 19, 2009

Del-Krazeen, the city under Karat-Sizan

on the home stretch to finish SotA, so all my words have been going to work or my draft. my goal date is the 25th, but i might not finish until the 30th...


The central Del city during the rise of their civilization, after the rise of the fiends it was relegated to a Zaranzim stronghold. Del-Triel legends say that this was the reason their people left, as they saw the evil motives in moving the seat of government to one of the newer undercities that had been shaped through their connection with the lower planes.

Today, Del-Krazeen is a rarely remembered name. Known locally as the pit, the only path into the city comes from a shaft connected to the Horned Devil. The uppermost level that connects to the Devil has been cleared of most denizens, and is used as a training ground for the local toughs and street gangs of the city. They wager against one another, placing the coins into a bag that is placed by runners who work for Kruz-Alzeen. One gang goes down and gets a 10 minute head start, and the goal is to retrieve the bag and return to the Devil before your opponents. It rarely happens that way, as the gangs generally fight upon seeing one another, and few of the Tillians don't engage in these contests for the combat.

Below the uppermost level, little is known that isn't rumor or tall tales. Rumors of a thriving town in the deeps persist, despite the attempts to crush the tales. No one living has been to the ancient city of the Del, moved here during the breaking, but there are areas of the upper levels that acted like suburbs that have preserved many artifacts from the Del crafters. According to Del-Triel legends, Del-Krazeen was home to the great pool of Karzuldorn, their chief deity believed to be the spirit of the world itself. Another legend is that the Zaranzim leader still prowls Del-Krazeen, defending it from the fiends until the end of time.

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