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Thursday, November 26, 2009

Just finished the rough draft of Scales of the Assassin

i need to still draft the last paragraph or so, because i had the perfect ending but then i lost it. so now i'm waiting for that train of thought to come back to me. should finalize those words tomorrow or friday.

This is the culmination of a long, long process for me. started writing this with no clue about anything, and feel that i've grown so much as a novelist during the past few months that i just kept my fingers to the keyboard and typed.

So share a shot of zarzn with me, or better yet get your own. Now i get to start on the sequel to SotA, Scales of Karat-Sizan. Where SotA is mostly about Tzalaran's hunt for a necromancer, SoKS is the story of Tzal starting a war with the lords and nobles of the city who are in league with Axius. this was initially going to be the end of SotA, but due to publishable word length, i've moved those plotlines into a second novel. SoKS is the first novel i will attempt to get representation for, as SotA has some major issues due to how it got cut for word length. i currently am too close to give it the surgery it needs, and i'm hoping that after writing the sequel i'll be up for editing the first.

i'm happy tonight, and hope all of you enjoy your Thanksgiving holiday.

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