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Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Karat-Sizan - Popular establishments 2

been busy so this post came a bit later than i intended... anyway, back to more of the notable businesses of the city.

Dernal's Wares

Hidden in a back alley off Aldana street in the Palace district, this merchant carries many of the odd items that are useful to the sailors, adventurers, and rogues of the city. Clothing, rations, lamps, lanterns, candles, and other essentials can usually be found here. The shelves are not as well stocked as when Dernal was younger, and the old Moglith is more eager to tell tales of his youth when sailing the sea.

Many Valok captains still come here to talk with the old sea dog, and rumor has it that he acts as a fence between them and the Tillians they prefer not to deal with. Odd items purchased from the far reaches of the world can sometimes be found here, but there are other shops where these items are more consistent. Dernal has no problem adjusting his prices based on how much he likes the person he is dealing with, and many Tillians simply stop shopping here because of his dislike for them.

Zaranzar's Fine Weapons

The Moglith owner, Zaranzar, is a huge Tillian. He is forced to duck in order to use the main door, and usually turns sideways in order to avoid slamming his shoulders into the frame. The weapons here are more expensive than anywhere else in the city, but that doesn't prevent him from doing business at all. The weapons found here have the highest craftsmanship in all of Tillia, and carrying a Zaranzar weapon is a status symbol outside the city.

The main room of the shop holds racks of weapons for sale, and Zaranzar watches the room like a hawk. There is a door that leads to the smithy, but no patron has ever been allowed to enter that room because Zaranzar guards his crafting secrets closer than his coin till. Rumors abound regarding the reason for this, but Zaranzar will never answer questions about his smithy, and any rogue who has attempted to sneak in has been left lying dead in front of the main door for the street cleaning crews to dispose of.

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