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Saturday, October 24, 2009


The Empire of Axius has grown significantly in territory over the past century, as the ascendancy of Tzarana Rai to the throne triggered an expansion unprecedented in the world. The Nations of Noricum and Valokan fell to the armies of Axius in a 5 year span, and over the next few years they expanded to the borders of Tillia, conquering the entire west of the Trenal Continent.

The primary reason for this swift military victory were the legions of Tordal. Tordal are a large bipedal canine race, with jet black pelts and heads similar to a doberman pincher. They are fanatically loyal to the Empress, and are known to make pacts with fiends in order to more ruthlessly combat their opponents. The peaceful Valok fell to the legions of Tordal quickly, with most of their race fleeing from their island homes and sailing the seas in their fleet.

Noricum, westernmost nation of the Trenal continent was more difficult to conquer, and the invasion would never have been successful except for the betrayal of the Shilear clan. They allowed the Tordal access to the port city of Queld, and from there assisted in targeted assassination of all other leaders of Noricum. Tales of Noricum resistance to Axius still travel the empire, rumor holding that they retreated into ancient fortresses in the mountains that Axius has never been able to infiltrate.

Axius' expansion has slowed now that they have reached the border of Tillia and the Drandal armies of Khilon. The shipbuilding facilities of the southern port cities of old Noricum have been building a fleet for years, and the navy of Axius is now pushing to dominate the sea of Carkoon and Kirak Sea of Tillia, and only the Admirals of Sarlion have prevented this from happening.

Tzarana Rai has ruled Axius for 50 years now, and rumors of her agelessness have began to circulate speculation that she has ties to the lower planar creatures who caused the breaking. anyone in the Empire caught speaking of this have gone missing, and rumors of dungeons deep under the black city of Axius have spread throughout the world.

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