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Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Tillian Confederacy

This post outlines the basic geography and political structuring of Tillia. eventually, i'll get around to writing more in depth reviews of each state, but this is enough to get anyone reading my work familiar with the general region. The map i've posted is also unfinished, as the original color pencil drawings that i made have been lost for many years, and the digital file that i've worked on is not complete. i've got the base geography colored back in, but have not taken the time to redo the political map markings or label geographic features. eventually, i'll have the entire world map set up interactively, but that won't be a priority for many years at this point.

Geography – The Kirak Sea is the largest geographical feature of the region, and its attachment to the Sea of Carkoon helps to keep the majority of the states in the confederacy very temperate, the sole exception entirely being Tolzar, which borders the great northern ocean. The Badlands of Khilon is the next largest feature of the area, cliffs, canyons, and near desert badlands that have rich mines, providing the wealth this state uses to keep all other states in the confederacy subservient to their desires. Their border with the expanding nation of Axius necessitates the Drandal who live here to be in a constant state of war preparations, and their defenses throughout the region have prevented an invader from laying siege to the capital, Dranzeem. The Dreznoz mountains run down the center of the western peninsula, sweeping west at the north and southern ends of the range. These mountains feed the many rivers that cut across Tillia, but the natives have never progressed beyond the ability to steer barges and skiffs along the waterways. Sarlion and Zeldun have rolling hills that provide ample farmland for the nation as a whole. The northern and eastern coast of Tolzar is tundra, and is cold year round.

Politics – Tillia is a Confederacy, with each of the 7 states being ruled by the wealthiest and most powerful noble family. Nobility in Tillia is solely based upon wealth, but the established families are quick to eliminate any weak rivals, and breaking into the uppermost circles is next to impossible for the newly rich. Khilon is the most powerful state, where the Zultan is high priest of Zaebonz, patron diety of the Drandal. Although wealthy, it is the armies of Khilon that ensure their dominance of the nation, as the Drandal are fearsome opponents who terrify all but the most battle hardened soldier.

Sarlion is the next major state, who boasts the largest port in the world, as well as the most populous city, Karat-Sizan. The ruling family has been a constant for as long as anyone can remember, and their expansion of the Sarlion Navy has done much to protect the Confederacy as a whole since the fall of Valok to Axius.

Tolzar is a state of mostly Noric humans, although some tribes of Feznar are known to populate the mountains there. Few other Tilians have migrated to this cold state, preferring the warmth of the more southern states, and allowing the Noric people to thrive in relative peace. This state maintains its status through its disciplined military, as its economic status lacks the opportunities that other states in the confederacy enjoy. Forestry and fishing provide for most of the state’s needs, while a few mines in the mountains are now popping up in order to better equip their armies without depleting their coffers.

Zeldun is a state that recent mining sources have greatly increased its standing in the confederacy, and their military and naval strength are the primary reason for this. Mercenary bands are often looked for here, as swordarms and adventurers are common in this wild, relatively untamed land. The Zarachtil Tzolanzin are the largest mercenary force in the state, and has been directly hired by the ruler to be the standing army of Zeldun. Kriefels, the capital city has grown significantly over the past few years, expanding on both sides of the Kzargalni river. Rumor has it that the state has recruited a Del-Triel engineering team to construct bridges and tunnels through the mountains in order to make transportation throughout the state easier, but this has never been proven.

Jalared and Falzar are both states that depend on trade with other states for their needs, as their own natural resources do not cover the needs for cities very well. Falzar’s small fishing fleet helps to provide for the coastal towns, and sheltered from the north winds by the Dreznoz Mountains, it has much better farmland than Jalared, whose winters can be brutal and long. The two rulers of these states have allied themselves together, and are currently in the high priest’s pocket.

Kortan is ruled by another puppet of Dranzeem, and everything that is produced in this state goes to Dranzeem to fund and assist their war effort. Many mines can be found near the border to Khilon, and the river basin provides enough farmland to cover the needs of both states. The Khan of Kortan has formed the large Dernak population to be impressive guerilla fighters, and regiments from this state rotate along with the guards of Dranzeem to patrol and defend the border with Axius.

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