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Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Humans

There are three root human societies that are known in Tillia. only the Noric have a state in the Confederacy, Tolzar in the north.

Noric- These tall,(6’-6’6”) pale skinned people have populated the Trenal continent. Their hair ranges from black to light brown, with some from Tolzar in Tillia having blonde and red. Their eyes range from brown to hazel, blue to green. They are generally muscular, but there are exceptions to every rule. The majority of the Noric homeland has been conquered by Axius over the past half century, and the citizens of the Empire are now predominantly Noric.

The people of this race can be found in any and all professions. In areas that they populate alone they occupy all necessary jobs, and have taken to the merchant role very well in Tillia. They can be found as soldiers, gladiators, thieves, bounty hunters, but rare is the tale of a Noric warlock told, as they have a healthy distrust of anything magical. Priests are uncommon, but the priesthood of Kchalu has spread throughout the Empire, and a few of Kchalu’s prophets have ventured from the Empire’s borders.

Valok- Sailors and merchants, these dark skinned humans are rarely found far from the sea. Legends exist of the old Valok homeland, a place of peace and beauty, but it was savagely destroyed by the armies of Axius. They have spread to wherever the oceans could take them, settling many port cities and resettling some ancient ruins of cities that they came across. The Valok people are usually slightly over six feet in height, with muscular if not hulking frames. The women of the Valok are just as tall, and seem to be accorded all the rights of the men. Many Valok captains are women, especially of the huge trading ships that ferry goods of the Jyn-Lao all across the world. Valok people are known for a fondness of jewelry, especially in odd spots on their bodies. Their skin ranges from a chocolate brown to ebony, and they tend to wear loose breeches and little else.

Most Valok men are warriors, but others have thieving abilities. There is a strange hierarchy between the sexes of this race, with the captains of the floating cities of the Valok are females, and they have an entorague of female advisors. Men are captains of the military vessels that are always found patrolling around these sea cities, and seem to decide the route, but there is always a female advisor who ranks somewhere above first mate who seems to act as an advisor.

Jyn-Lao– This human race has the oldest recorded empire in the world since the Del’s fall. They control the entire southeast peninsula, from the south of the Zwerghaus mountains to the Anital jungle. They have a large military force on the northeast border of their empire facing the Zarzanna wasteland, although most legends of the ancient evil deep in the wasteland are not totally believed in anymore, the monks of Baphonai still keep the citizens in an alert state. The emperor of this nation rules from a hidden city, with his samurai minions delivering Imperial decrees to the nobility, who rule in his name. There have been many assassination attempts on the Imperial family over the past twenty years, with a few being successful over the past ten years. The current Emperor, a boy of thirteen, has taken himself into hiding to better protect the Imperial line. Noble families are clawing and scratching at each other in order to gain higher standing in case of another strike on the Imperial family now that they feel safe from his gaze.

Jyn-Lao can choose any adventuring profession, but few follow the warrior path like other races. Most of the defenders of the Jyn-Lao borders are from the monastic orders. They have some truly militant orders, but for the most part self-awareness takes precedence to combat ability. There are clerical orders that oversee much of the populace, running schools, hospitals, and other services for the populace. Thievery is frowned upon, and unsuccessful thieves tend to have short careers as the penalties are severe. Magic is something that the common man doesn’t see often, but there are alchemists and hedge wizards, and there are rumors of nobles who have made pacts with supernatural beings of evil nature, if these rumors are true, no one has ever returned to tell for certain.

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