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Saturday, October 24, 2009

The Tillian Races

Tillia is a confederation of states ruled by a council of the members. The six humanoid races that form the bulk of the nation are an unlikely group of races to exist in a successful society. The larger of these races are content to use physical domination to get what they want, and it seems that they might have been bred to do just that. Each fills a rather specialized role, but none are true inventors. They would never be at they cultural level that they have attained if the Del had not left a huge void to fill. With the wonders of that ancient race to use as a model, these humanoids have created a thriving civilization that is becoming threatened by the Empire of Axius to the west.

Moglith –This large, brutish race dominates most of civilized Tillia, and is also the greatest in numbers. They stand six feet in height, but if they were to straighten up their hunched over back, they would stand much taller. They are broad shouldered, with masses of muscles covering the majority of their frame. Moglith faces are bestial, with tusks pointing out of their mouth, smashed in snouts, and yellow to red eyes. Coarse hair covers some of this race, generally those that come from the more mountainous areas. They are known in Tillia for their aggressive attitude and violent temper.

Might at arms is all that matter to this race. There are few who choose to do anything other than follow the soldier's path. Many of the wealthier mogliths turn into gladiators, partly because most don’t have the intelligence to lead armies. There are a few who turn to thievery, and there have been an increasing number of holy men sprouting amongst the more educated of this race.

Dal-Shiz –Tall, muscular, scaly skinned humanoids who have warfare pumping through their veins. A Dal-Shiz’s scales range from yellow to red, with orange or red eyes. In general, their face is elongated, with prominent cheekbones, and severely pointed ears. Black hair grows on their heads, and in some places a hairstyle represents social class. Dal-Shiz have sharp teeth, which is necessary to their carnivorous diet, and their fingernails are like bone spikes. They have a generally frightening appearance, similar to a devil from some child’s nightmare.

One trait dominates this race, military order. Aggressive, strong, arrogant, and cunning, most Dal-Shiz strive to prove their dominance over the other races of Tillia. Many are found working in mercenary bands, as mariners, or for whatever charismatic leader is in the area at the time. Dal-Shiz are found in many different professions, but most are some sort of multi-classed warrior or a bounty hunter. Thieves are the most common mix, but there are rumors of those who make unholy pacts with lower planar creatures, combining fighting ability with supernatural power, but most Dal-Shiz prefer fighting to any other way of resolving disputes.

Feznar –Standing erect at near seven feet in height, these bestial humanoids have powerful frames that belie their agility. Most Feznar have dark yellow to light brown fur, although some have been seen with a darker hide coloration. A thick pelt covers most of a Feznar’s body, leaving only patches bare around flattened snout, fang filled mouth, and eye sockets. Their ears are overly large, and sweep out to exaggerated points. A Feznar’s eyes carry a bloodthirsty glint, and most seem to be constantly hungry.

The stealth of this race combined with their powerful physical nature makes many Feznar turn to the bounty hunting profession. Any warrior class fits this powerful race, yet they also have natural thieving ability, and can freely combine the two. Some from the untamed mountains are spiritual leaders, and seem to advise the chieftain’s of these clans. Most Feznar who are in civilized lands are involved in mercenary bands, and groups of Feznar raiders and dungeon crawlers are not unknown.

Dernak –The smallest of the Tillian races, these lizard-like creatures have long snouts filled with short, pointy teeth. Most have black scales, but a few other colorations have been seen. Most have small red eyes that seem to glow in torchlight, and there is a spine of small bone protrusions on the backs of the males. The only reason these creatures have survived is because they fill an important role, they are the merchants, shopkeepers, and craftsmen of all sorts. Without this race the much of the area’s economy would collapse, leading to anarchy, and an easy victim for Axius.

The Dernak have a well earned reputation for being swindlers, and an even more deserving reputation for cowardice. Most adventuring Dernak take a profession as thieves, which they can excel at. Others have been known to become warriors, and others combine stealth with combat ability. With this crafty race, almost anything is possible.

Shnize –These short, scrawny, filthy humanoids are the bottom of Tillian society. They have a variety of nauseating colors that may cover their rubbery looking hide, and generally have large pointed ears, with long thin noses protruding above an oversized mouth filled with short, sharp teeth. Slaves and laborers, no other race in Tillia would allow them to lace up their boots without supervision. They have the most racial variation out of the Tillian races, probably because there are many different people who have become wealthy through the sale of Shnize slaves.

Most Shnize adventurers are thieves, stealing their way on the underbelly of society, while others have shown a little ability as warriors, especially with someone they fear driving them into battle.

Drandal –No race of Tillia puts fear in their opponents more than an enraged Drandal. Standing well over six and a half feet in height, these canine humanoids look like red pelted pit bulls. Extremely muscled, they are unnaturally quick for their massive size. They walk with an air of superiority, and are condescending to all other inhabitants of Tillia, generally looking for a reason to prove the reason for their opinion. They are only found in numbers in the city of Dranzeem, capital of Kholtar. This is probably a good thing for the entire area.

Thievery is unknown to the Drandal, but taking whatever they want from those unable to stop them is completely acceptable. They are aggressive, brutal melee fighters, and some are known to be extremely proficient hunters. They are ruled by the High Priest of Zaebonz, who is openly known to have many magical powers bestowed to him by his deity. There are also a few who are said to have connections to powerful supernatural beings, and wield fell magic upon their enemies. Most Drandal swear an oath of fealty to Zaebonz through his high priest, but rumors of rogue Drandal on the run from Dranzeem are known. No Drandal has ever been seen fighting with another Drandal however.

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