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Saturday, October 31, 2009

The state of Sarlion, and Karat-Sizan

Karat Sizan is the capital of Sarlion, but is not the only city of the state. Here is a map (no color) that outlines Sarlion's boundaries. (this is basically the straight scan of the color pencil map into an electronic file)

Tzenot along the southern coast of the state is the primary shipyard. Although Karat-Sizan has shipbuilding facilities, Tzenot's entire economy and infrastructure are based around the shipyards. Many fishermen provide the mainstay of the citizen's diet, and the city trades pearls that the fishermen find for grains and other agricultural products from their neighbors. at any time, up to 60 military vessels will be in production, and this city has been working in overdrive for the past ten years as Dranzeem began preparing for war with Axius.

Sarlion has no standing army to speak of, but with every Tillian that can walk eager and willing to join combat, large militias can be formed swiftly in the state. The navy of Sarlion is perhaps the largest in the world, but few of their vessels are able to pass the open sea. The recent ships built for the Sarlion navy show a drastic leap forward in maneuverability and seaworthiness, and rumors speak of a large group of Valok who have settled in Tzenot and are improving their knowledge of shipbuilding in hopes of preventing Axius from spreading further.

Northeast from Tzenot on the northern coast is Ritzkers. Ritzkers is the central hub to the most fertile farming ground in the state, and it has a steady stream of barges that traverse the calm Kirak Sea flowing to Karat Sizan and other port cities of the Nation. Precious metals are being found in the hills to the south of this region, creating many more towns and villages.

The area around Karat-Sizan on the tip of the Sarlion peninsula provides many resources and allows the capital to be self sufficient when necessary. most of the orchards of the state are found here, and until the recent discoveries of metals it was the primary source of iron, copper, and silver for the rest of the state. A constant presence of military ships based out of Karat-Sizan controls the strait connecting the Kirak Sea with the Sea of Carkoon. Axius has not yet attempted to break this blockade, although there was once where a Jyn-Lao fleet drew Axius vessels into conflict, with only a single vessel escaping the Tillian victory.

The other towns generally serve as regional centerpoints, with the farmer's and country Tillians bringing their goods for barter and picking up the things they need. There are lords of each town, who have learned that being fair to their subjects keeps them alive much longer, as angry Tillians in force can easily overrun the most well paid guards when they have nothing left to lose.

Sarlion has active and open trade with the states of Tolzar and Jalarad, but less active relations with other states due to its rivalry with the High Priest of Dranzeem. The conflict with Axius has forced them to work with Khilon more than desired, but the refugees from Valok and Noricum that have relocated in Sarlion have steeled the Tillian towards resistance to Axius.

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