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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Day 17

i feel really good about the progress i made today.  i'm up to 23,126 words, and i just finished the scene with the first plot point.  i really, really hate my keyboard and desk situation right now, making it very hard for me to write for long periods without my wrists/elbows/shoulder hurting, but i'm getting into the frame where the novel is writing itself, i'm just acting as an interpreter.  i'll need some good polishing on what i'm drafting now, but there are certain things i like as well.

might draft a bit more tonight, but then again i might not.  still need 27,000 more words to hit the nano goal, and i have 13 days to do it, so need to write a bit over 2000 words per day in order to "win" nano.  i'll still have another 40,000 words to finish the book at that point, so i'd like to keep up my 3.5 - 4k words per day as that would get me very close to finishing my draft before Dec 7th.  Here's to progress...

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