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Friday, November 2, 2012

Day 2

Well, i've got an hour to go yet, but so far i'm up to 3489 words.  finished off the prologue (562 words) and wrote the first scene (1118 words) so far.  Plan on starting, maybe finishing the next scene tonight, and that will get me closer to the 6000 word goal for the end of the night.  i did end up writing another article on newsvine, but that was probably 500 words and didn't take overly long.

i really liked the opening paragraph from the first scene back in Tzal's perspective.  gave some good imagery.  i don't like the prologue at all, but i knew that it would need a rewrite because i'm not used to writing in third person so it came out more like i was a director or writing a play... wasn't good at all i guess is the overall point.

1680 words so far, hope to get another 2000 but i don't see that happening in an hour.

Edit:  got the next scene done and another 1123 words.  sitting at 4612 total, so about the same amount behind my desired pace, and we'll see how much i can catch up tomorrow.

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