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Friday, November 16, 2012

Days 13 - 16

Been getting more time to write, but having some problems in parts.  up to 19,750 words, and am about 3 scenes from the first plot point (inciting incident).  i'm going to need to rework things significantly, especially the dialog, and i need to make it clear that Tzal is not liked.  i think i got that pretty solid in one scene, but his relationship with Xriza, the klepto dal-shiz cub that shows him around Karat-Si'Zan, makes it difficult so far.

Anyway, lots of work left to do, i'm massively behind schedule but am starting to make progress in larger chunks, getting scenes out and moving on to the next.  should get some of the next scene written tonight, but figured i'd post my progress before i forgot.

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