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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

days 21-26

progress comes slowly, but it comes.  With 3 days left to go, i need about 15,000 words to reach 50,000.

i've run into some worldbuilding snags that i didn't foresee, and i've tried to just move on anyway but that hasn't had the best of results.  so far today i've gotten close to 38,000 words, and i still have some hours left to write.  i'm almost to the mid point of the novel, and i skipped one scene because it gave me problems on top of problems (it is a flashback scene to the main character's training in the elite forces of the mercenary company, and i'm not sure what i need that scene to be just yet... anyway, i got stuck on it and finally skipped it and moved on).

liked a few of the scenes that i've written up to now, but there is a bunch of work i have left to do.

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