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Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Day 18 - 20

didn't get much done over the past two days, but today i crossed the 26,000 word mark.  i've gotten through  the first plot point, and am dealing with the scene that will introduce the primary antagonist of this novel.  i'm fairly pleased with the words i've gotten, i think the scenes i'm writing are pretty strong, but they will need significant work, particularly in the dialog.  However, i'm massively behind in my word count in order to reach the 50,000, let alone my 90k goal.  i know my desk ergonomics is hurting my productivity, but i've made it the best i can.  The few times where i hit a groove and the fingers continually hit the keyboard i'm getting about 1000 words per hour.  however, there are far too many times were i get nowhere near that because my fingers don't hit the keyboard that fast.

i'm hoping that tonight and tomorrow i can find a groove and bust out some words, so wish me luck.

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